5 Most Effective Ways To Bond With Your Baby

Each baby brings a bundle of joy for his or her parents. While seeing the baby play or try to utter the very first word brings in a sense of joy, you can always spend time bonding with your baby. This everlasting bond will not only shower you with happiness but also ability to understand his or her needs better. If you have been lately wondering how to bond with your baby better, here are the 5 Most Effective Ways To Bond With Your Baby:

Ways To Bond With Your Baby

Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding is a great Ways To Bond With Your Baby. Besides providing the baby with milk, breastfeeding comforts the child more than anything else. The special bond between the baby and the mother is created by the mother’s warmth as well as familiar smell. Containing necessary nutrients in it, the breast milk can recognize whether the baby is ill or not. This happens as the breast milk identifies the difference in temperature that it feels as the saliva of the baby goes through the pores. According to a research by the World Health Organization, most of the bonding is created between the baby and the mother as the mother feeds the baby her breast milk for the first six months.

Giving Your Little Baby a Massage: Giving your baby massage can be another great Ways To Bond With Your Baby. Mothers usually start giving their baby oil massage once they are at least 3-4 months old. Massaging is known for showering the baby with a number of benefits. Besides soothing the baby, a gentle massage improve digestion as well as immunity while making him or her even stronger. If done in proper manner, massaging can help your baby to get rid of gas as well. Use baby oils with mild fragrance to sooth the baby’s senses.

Spend Some Time Bathing Him: While bathing can be one of the most complex things that you will ever do, it also helps you to have a better bonding with your baby. Babies have been observed to have a developed sense of attachment as well as trust once they are given a bath. However, it is recommended that you use shampoos and gels that don’t contain ingredients such as parabens, sulphates and so on. Remember to be gentle as you bath the baby.

Skin to Skin Touch: Skin to Skin touch is perhaps one of the most effective tools that you will come across in the course of your attempt to have a greater Ways To Bond With Your Baby You need to learn how to spend more time with your baby apart from feeding or bathing sessions. Many mothers consider singing or reading to their newborns. While the babies don’t quite understand the words, they will be definitely excited to listen to their mother’s voice. The gentle cadence that the voice carries is known to soothe the baby. You can also go on a walk with your baby on a stroll. Not only this will gift you with more energy, your baby will be able to enjoy the fresh air. You can start showing him or her different objects as you walk.

Go for Cuddling: Just like you love cuddling your partner, babies also love it when cuddled by their mother. They enjoy having the smell  and touch of their mother. This activity provides your baby with a sense of protection and safety as well. In addition, you can also incorporate some playful games which you can always make creative for your baby to enjoy. As the cuddling makes your baby happy, the baby will be able to sleep well and develop a healthy well-being. This is one of the most important 7 ways to bond with your baby.

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