10 Most Helpful Tips To Keep Your Baby Skin Care Healthy

Each and every mother attempts their best to ensure that their baby’s skin remains healthy. However, it is not an easy task at all to protect your baby’s tender skin. Being extremely sensitive, the newborn’s skin often develops allergies as well as rashes, if not taken care of properly. Understanding the need of the skin plays a crucial role in taking care of the same. As the baby skin takes time to adjust itself the surrounding environment, you should be using natural products instead of chemical baby products available in the market. The fragile skin of the newborn goes through a number of challenges during the first year and here is how you can keep it healthy:

Tips To Keep Your Baby Skin Care Healthy

Bath Your Child Every Day: It is recommended that you wash your baby every day in lukewarm water. Be cautious before choosing a shampoo as many babies suffer from allergic reaction caused by the shampoo or the soap. In addition, please make sure that you immediately wrap the baby after giving him or her bath. Doctor advice new parents to bath their baby with towel that are smooth and made with natural cotton. Any antibacterial soap must be avoided under all circumstances.

Choosing the Powder: Many parents end up buying baby powders that come with pleasing fragrance. But, don’t be fooled by the odor. You must not use any powder that comes with harsh chemicals and leave an irritating effect on the baby’s skin. Instead of using powders containing grain, you are advised to go for herbal powders. However be sure not to use the powder in the diaper as this may give birth to further infections in future.

Choosing the Nappies: Finding the right nappies for the baby often becomes the headache for the parents. Well, there is no need to change the brand unless and until you find the diaper to be causing rash. In addition, please change the nappies as soon as you find it to dirty. This kind of preventive measures are the key elements of the 7 most helpful tips to keep your Baby Skin Care Healthy. If the rashes continue to exist despite changing the nappies, please consult a pediatrician.

Exposure to Sunlight: Newborn babies must be protected from being exposed to sunlight. However, they can soak in all the sunshine after their sixth month. In order to protect the tender skin of your baby, you can consider using long sleeve clothes. In addition, you are advised to wash the new clothes before putting them on your baby.

The Peeling Skin: Once the baby comes out of from the fluid environment in the womb, he or she might start having a peeling skin. There is nothing to worry about this as this get cured with time. The skin cells begin regenerating themselves once the old ones are gone. Remember not to apply any kind of moisturiser on this peeling skin. This is one of the most important 6 tips to keep your Baby Skin Care Healthy

Be Sure to Moisturize the Skin: Any kind of moisturizer acts as a protective barrier on your baby. So, you need to moisturize your baby’s skin preferably with oil or natural moisturizer. Assisting the baby’s skin to stay moist, oil usually helps your baby to grow as well. However, you should never use any synthetic moisturizer that comes with fragrance. Apply the moisturizer or oil depending on the baby’s skin and as per the doctor’s advice.

Look Out for Symptoms: Even though you have plenty on your plate, you should always keep an eye on your baby’s skin. Often babies suffer from diaper rash or eczema. Diaper rash usually goes away with anti-yeast creams available in the market. On the other hand, you should try your best not to use any synthetic creams which are often responsible for causing eczema. If your baby is having Eczema, please consult a pediatrician.

Cases of Sunburnt Skin: If your baby is suffering from Sunburn after long exposure to the Sun, you should be using a soothing cream, depending on your doctor’s advice. Make sure that the cream comes with hydrocortisone. In addition, you can also go for cool compression in order to help the baby get rid of the irritation.

The Cradle Cap: Babies often suffer from the Cradle Cap which is usually observed during the first month. Even though this commonly appears on the scalp, it can also spread to the face and neck, if remains untreated. Even though cradle cap goes away on its own, look out for any red rash on the baby’s scalp.

Washing the Baby’s Clothes: You are not allowed to use any kind of harsh detergent while washing the baby’s clothes. While some babies tend to be sensitive to the odor of the detergent, it can also cause irritation on their skin. So, try using any unscented detergent that has been manufactured specially for washing baby clothes. Protect your baby’s skin with these 10+ Tips For Baby Skin Care – Baby Care Tips.


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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed/shared in the blog above are personal opinions of the writer. Berrytree recommends you consult with your doctor/pediatrician/family before instinctively following any suggested steps