New. Year's Outfit your your Newborn. Extra Special!

Newborn new years outfit guide

New year celebrations have always been extraordinary. They mark the start of a new fresh beginning. This year, it will be even more special with your little munchkin, the new, adorable addition to your family. It will be their first New year celebration, and I'm sure you want them to look their cutest while being comforted since- let's face it- they'll be sleeping half the time. 

Naturally, you'd like to dress them their best, but what do you make newborns wear for a party? They need a little more than their swaddle sheet and blankets here. To relieve your stress, we have gathered this guide on Newborn New years outfit ideas.  

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Where should I start?

A few things to consider before you select an outfit for your little one are- the temperature, print trends, and material. 

Temperature- If the weather where you live is generally cold, it is understandable that it will be chilly during December end. Hence, plan a warm, cosy outfit. If the weather is warm, you would not want as many layers. Therefore, opt for thin clothes that would not make your little munchkin cranky.

Print Trends- Your newborn's first new year outfit should be nothing less than spectacular. To make sure of it, you need to research which prints are popular during the month.

Material- Selecting a gentle, soft, and comfortable fabric is essential. Your newborn deserves only the kindest material, especially when it's for a long time. Synthetic clothes can cause rashes and irritate their skin. The best fabric for newborns is Organic Cotton, which is 100% natural and is soft as a cloud. 


baby new years eve

But what exactly are our options?

After you consider the above three factors, it is easy to choose the best newborn New years outfit.

Western Suit- Nothing can look cuter than your little munchkin in a western suit. It will look great at a fancy party. The coat will provide for an extra layer and keep them cosy. Pair it up with a cute bow tie, and you are good to go!

Comfortable Outerwear: Onesies and Rompers- If you want a safe option that provides complete comfort and looks fashionable, Organic Cotton clothes are the way to go. Reputed brands like Berrytree have a great collection of Onesies and Rompers in unique prints some of which are Unicorns, Alphabets, Donuts, Unicorn moons, Lollipops, Whales, Dino, and even Peter pan collars!

They are easier to wear than any other clothing and make for a cute trendy newborn Newyear outfit. Both are also gentle and soft, allowing for unrestricted movement. You do not have to worry about your baby's shirt riding up, and it keeps the diaper concealed. It has wide bottoms and easy-to-use buttons underneath so you can make diaper changes quickly and easily. 

Ethnic wear- If your child missed out on wearing ethnic during Diwali, this would be the perfect outfit for a family Newyear party. Make sure you don't overdo it and get comfortable clothes like Dhoti Kurta, Kurta Pyjama set, or an Angrakha. Avoid anything with glitter or sequins as it will be tough to put on and remove and might result in scratches on the newborn's skin.

Accessorise - Winter outfits do not have to look bland! Up your baby's style quotient by accessorising them with hats, mittens, fur booties, vests, jackets, beanies, and fleece baby blankets. 

These cold-weather accessories will surely keep your infant safe, warm & cosy during the long Newyear party and can make a simple outfit stand out to make the best newborn Newyear outfit. 

Now that you have all the things to keep in mind and the best Newborn Newyear outfit ideas, pick what you like the most and get ready to celebrate the New year with a bang!