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Berrytree Organic Cotton Baby Romper whales

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Our Signature Baby Rompers are made with utmost care and have been designed to be worn throughout the day or even at night. 

  • Made by Hand, with love
  • Pull Buttons allow easy slide in
  • Wide bottoms accommodate diapers
  • Naturally Stretchy to enable unrestricted movement
  • Intrinsically Germ-Free 
  • Hand-wash with mild soaps

Most importantly, they're so soft, you’d want to hold your baby for hours :)


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Organic romper is one of the most stylish and comfortable baby wear. Once you have dressed your kid in a romper, you do not have to worry about any other clothing, especially in this cold weather. Rompers have a snug fit; it’s warm, cosy and comfortable.
A romper is a perfect day wear for your kid, as it allows them to comfortably sit, play, eat and sleep. These stylish rompers are a must buy for your baby.
The most preferred baby rompers by parents across the globe is the one made of soft and comfortable fabric, which you can dress your kid in, during the day or while putting them to bed. The rompers are available in different colours, with attractive patches on them, which is a delight to dress your kids in.


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Full Romper Size Chart

0-3 MONTHS 50 CMS 20 CMS 51 CMS 9 CMS
3-6 MONTHS 52 CMS 21 CMS 55 CMS 9 CMS
6-9 MONTHS 54 CMS 22 CMS 59 CMS 10 CMS
9-12 MONTHS 56 CMS 23 CMS 63 CMS 10.5 CMS
12-18 MONTHS 58 CMS 24 CMS 69 CMS 11.5 CMS
18-24 MONTHS 60 CMS 25 CMS 74 CMS 12 CMS